Monday, 2 July 2012

Celebrity Inspiration: Solange Knowles

Shoes: International / Skirt: ASOS / Crop Top: International

Hello addicts 

Hope you had a great weekend.
Today I'm posting this outfit I worn last year at a friend's birthday party. I love this outfit to every detail. And when I found this Solange Knowles picture recently, I was like "Solange we got it girl" ... Hope you like it. Have a great week addicts.

Love, Hilaria


  1. I haven't seen any cute/flattering bustiers around the stores here so far. Does that store have an online site?

    Once again, love the look. :)


    1. Hi Sheyla, first let me thank for your comment. The first one in my blog.
      This was originally a dress I bought in a street store called 'International' in Manchester, England.
      I don't think they have a online store.

      But you can find some cute crop tops/bustiers in Topshop, American Apparel & Miss Selfridge.
      Go on the search and write 'crop top' and you'll see some gorgeous ones.

      Hope this has helped x