Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hike for Angela Bird Charity - Mount Snowdon

Where ALL began

Where ALL ended .. Missing some trekkers, but WE DID IT for ANGELA BIRD CHARITY !!

Hello addicts 

I am sorry for my absence this past 11 days, but I have been very busy, and all for a good cause. Pamela Thomas Founder of Angela Bird Charity - non-profit organisation that supports families going through bereavement through counselling and workshops - talked to me about the organisation and the fact that when she went through bereavement herself there was no help out there. So she decided to create this organisation to help people get back on their feet after losing someone they love. To help the charity raise funds, she decided to organise a hike to Mount Snowdon in Wales. If you would like to donate for this great cause just go here, and make a difference. Angela Bird Charity has also a facebook page, that you can 'like' and be updated with what is going on, just go here :)

Snowdon, in Snowdonia National Park, is the highest peak in Wales. At 1085 metres (3560 ft) it is a true mountain and a place of legend said to be the burial place of the giant ogre Rhita, vanquished by King Arthur.

We started this journey in Manchester, 29th July 2012, with 22 amazing people that decided to do this for Angela Bird Charity, and YES we reached the peak.

Enjoy the pictures, and don't forget to spread the word about this amazing work of Pamela. We never know when me might need it.

Love, Hilaria

It wasn't easy.. Oh no...

HALFWAY to the peak of Mount Snowdon ... Ufffffffff.. 

Me & Fatima having some fun after reaching HALFWAY =D yeaaaaaaaaay

Stenio & Fatima enjoying some amazing views .. POSERS :p


At the SUMMIT !! After recharging, getting ready to go down ...

Fatima, Pamela Thomas (Founder of ABC) & Me :)

With the Angela Bird Charity Bracelet

Oh yeaaaa.. 

Hahahahaha.. NICE ONE Stenio :)

Andrew & Pamela

Viktoria, Me, Michelle, Emma, Claire, Pamela & Fatima .. House of Fraser Ladies hiking for a great cause

Yeaaaa.. I was already very tired on the way down.. No more pretty faces LOL

Well I guess I could do some more pics ehehehehe

LOVE THIS ONE .. Probably my favourite ... Feel so FREE!!

Mount Snowdon, Llanberis Path - Mission Accomplished :)
Can't wait for next adventures xx

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